Philosophy Cafe w/ Karen Jones

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Autonomy: What is it? What value, if any, does it have? How should it be respected?

According to one line of thinking, which has its roots in the Enlightenment, the capacity for autonomy, or self-determination (individual freedom) is what separates us from animals and creates the notion of human rights.
But what is autonomy? And is it really valuable? Is the ideal of autonomy compatible with recognising the ways in which we are who we are only because of, and in relation to, other people?I

In this talk, Dr Karen Jones, will consider some answers to these questions and explore what is right and what is potentially muddle-headed in the traditional notion of autonomy. How we understand autonomy has implications for what it is to respect it.

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This will be the final Cafe at Frankston for this year. So be sure to come along and make it a memorable evening of philosophy.


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